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Check Facebook Profile

Check Facebook Profile

Submitted By Greg Edmiston (edmiston)


Checks the Facebook profile of any AIM user.

  1. Open a conversation with the user whose profile you'd like to check.
  2. Type /fb and press Return.

Note that the other user will not receive a message.

Due to Facebook's security settings, you can only search for screen names of users who are your friends or in one of your networks.

Check Facebook Profile is written and (occasionally) maintained by Greg Edmiston.


  • 7/31/06: Updated in response to Facebook's new search engine. No longer space-sensitive.
  • 10/16/05: Removed dependency on Safari in response to comments.


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# by zacw on 10/13/05 at 16:12:31

My suggestion for the future is to work out a way to not require Safari for this. Other than that, good job. Useful little script you got here. It'd be nifty to have it in the form of a contextual menu to avoid the accidental sending, but overall it's useful in its current form.

# by zaudragon on 10/15/05 at 23:48:52

I think 'open location ""' would work. Let me checků

Yes, it would.

# by edmiston on 02/23/06 at 23:25:00

It seems that Facebook has disabled cross-school advanced searches. This means that, at the moment, this only works for people at your own school.

I will experiment with some work-arounds.

# by romanpoet on 01/29/07 at 19:41:39

If using Bonjour, it would be wonderful if it would search facebook using the person's name.

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Last Updated: 07/31/06
by Greg Edmiston

(Thanks to reikon/Chris Lawson for string formatting AppleScript)