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pss-2 Service Icons

pss-2 Service Icons

Submitted By Peter Simonsson (pss)


A set of service icons, created to represent the official icons.


1.1 Added Google Talk icon.
1.0 Initial release.



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# by dcentity2000 on 09/05/05 at 18:30:20

Perfect, perfect, PERFECT! Thank you!

# by mudflapper on 01/09/06 at 17:46:32

I would love to see light, custom grayscale versions of your icons for those of us that use minimalist Adium themes. I would do it myself, if you gave me permission, unfortunately, I have no idea how to get into the acual service icon pack to edit the files. (I'm a bit of an Adium noob.)

Gorgeous icons, btw.

# by ccsgraphic on 09/19/08 at 16:15:51

Just right click (control click) and choose "Show Package Contents."

# by Xianghua on 09/05/05 at 18:32:09

Amazing Simply A-Mazing

# by Iiro on 09/05/05 at 23:11:36

These rock. I think they should be instantly added to default :-)

# by MeDiCiNe on 09/06/05 at 12:26:31

These Icons are amazing. If the Adium team want a professional looking application they should basically just start using all your extras default throughout the whole application then it might start competing with proteus in the GUI area. As a solid application and coding extra adium wins hand down but the GUI still leaves a lot to be desired.

# by gottacoppafeel on 09/06/05 at 23:06:32

vibrantly beautiful...nice work!

# by twalichiewicz on 09/07/05 at 21:48:51

:o I would say I love you, but you can't make me.

# by mattchesterz on 10/04/05 at 12:06:04

Nice one! I'm gonner have a look at other stuff you've made.

# by zerozoob on 10/10/05 at 20:51:29

yay !! very nice

# by MacPB on 10/11/05 at 11:06:09

I love them. Other icons didn't scale well, but these look great. Awesome work.

# by cewood on 10/21/05 at 08:50:06

Awesome icon set, im in urgent need of a more attractive icon for the google talk... could you help us all out. Your work is greatly appreciated, keep up the good job.

# by Disabler on 12/11/05 at 19:08:24

A replacement for that freaky looking AIM dude! A less detailed MSN butterfly! Perfect! I'm glad you decided to make service icons.

# by gottacoppafeel on 02/05/06 at 04:46:58

if you could add one for google talk and gizmo i would love you beyond belief...why aren't these the default? they're beautiful!

# by RAPMANkev on 04/12/06 at 20:57:14

This is awesome man !
Thanks :)


# by joshl24 on 04/18/06 at 03:06:22

Would it be possible for you to produce dock icons for these pss-2 Service Icons?? Exactly the same design...just bigger


# by MacOSX on 04/21/06 at 17:03:21

I love this icon pack, reminds me of Proteus 4 stars

# by The_Green_Duck on 05/26/06 at 04:34:04

looks greate

# by Catfish_Man on 05/27/06 at 04:20:52

Merged into Adium 1.0svn

# by irlandets on 10/21/06 at 18:07:35

how is it supposed to work? the setting only appears in service icons but not in status icons. as i understand this is for different protocols to have oroginal icons. i am a new user of mac so guys please help me with the settings! thanks!

# by Qerub on 12/09/06 at 23:24:39

One word: Perfect!

# by zyxpink on 01/02/07 at 20:23:18

coolio! im lovin it!

# by tasmanian_devil on 04/25/07 at 23:23:27

hey can someone tell me what Zephyr is? and then can u tell me what accounts to use with it?

# by Disabler on 06/04/07 at 02:11:45

One word: Beautiful.

# by ancientHacker on 02/18/12 at 03:24:01

nice and small so really good for minimalist tiny contact lists

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