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Submitted By ascarinthesky510


Emoticons from the Spymac website.

A few of the emoticons are a bit more adult. Just a precaution.

Some of these are animated, I would expect. I don't know if iChat Emotimaker keeps the animation.

If you want the Proteus version, go to Or if you want the iChat version (requires iChat Emotimaker), go to http;//

Updated with icons from SpyChat. I haven't updated the binaries for the other programs, but I will soon.



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# by on 05/31/04 at 21:22:21

These icons are the best one Spymac. Finally I can use them elsewhere :D

# by ascarinthesky510 on 06/10/04 at 01:57:29

I'm going to update them with some more icons like the ones from SpyChat. I'm going to talk to the devs of SpyChat and see if they will let me use their icons.

# by on 06/27/04 at 16:19:32

Glad to see a piece of spymac here!

# by on 01/12/05 at 18:02:33

hello.. new to this amazing thing.. just wondering how i can delete/remove sum of the extras that i have over-added in my excitement! ;)

# by on 06/14/05 at 10:43:27

Very nice :D

# by zeta32 on 12/20/05 at 00:37:09

Thast kool :D But I wish my friends can see them 2 :(

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I don't know who designed the graphics, but they are in use at Spymac ( and i made them into the emoticon pack. There are also emoticons from SpyChat, now.