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Submitted By Zach (zboy)


This is a style I originally made for myself because I wanted a fancier looking style with full support for incoming text colors.

v 1.6
•Removed CSS code specifying outgoing message font style
•Fixed issue with message text being cutoff when no scrollbar was present

v 1.5
•All shadows converted to transparent .png's
•Added a total of 14 default color variants
•Improved graphics for username/service bar

v 1.2
•Edited CSS for more consistent look
•Added header option
•Username container now dynamically sized to accommodate any name length

v 1.0
•Initial release


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# by on 07/30/05 at 01:59:10

embarassing suggestion: make a smooth scrolling variant? .. i know i know, but i love it! and am using it

# by Anonymous on 07/30/05 at 04:32:24

One problemo: Its kinda broken if there isn't a scrollbar (if that makes sense)

# by zboy on 07/30/05 at 08:48:31

re: no scrollbar
yeah, I need to take a look at the CSS and see why its doing that.

# by zaudragon on 08/01/05 at 01:17:59

bobby: get one of the Smooth Scrolling styles, and copy either the Template.html or the Footer.html.

# by on 08/01/05 at 16:36:38

You spelt "pixel" wrong.

# by on 08/01/05 at 16:37:05

and I spelled "spelt" wrong. lol

# by Totosan on 08/01/05 at 19:27:46

This message style is the best I've seen in quite some replacing the Minibubble 2 I've had for about a year now. Good work. :) Although being able to choose your own color variants would make it even better! ;)

# by i cant change my on 08/02/05 at 19:26:24

i cant change MY default font and sucks other than that this style rocks hard core, dude, just change taht thanx!!

# by dcentity2000 on 08/03/05 at 17:56:55

Nice style!

# by bblgun on 08/04/05 at 00:50:00

Great style! just waiting for the scroll bar fix and I will inmediatly start using it...

# by zboy on 08/08/05 at 23:57:08

re: spelling -- I 'mis-spelled' it Pixol on purpose ;)

the scroll bar issue should be fixed now *crosses fingers*

and I removed the CSS font specifications for the message text

# by geremyster on 09/26/05 at 00:27:37

i like this message style it brings back memories from past video games im sure we all used to play

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