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iChat AV

iChat AV

Submitted By Impulse29


I have been using imacguy's iChat AV Tiger for a while, but the quality of the icons, and few animations started to bother me. So, I used Apple's icons and created a perfect quality version with more animation. I know that it's not original, but once you see what I did with it, you'll like it :). Enjoy!

Version History:
1.1 - No real changes in the icon, but fixed the decompression issue many people were having. Should be good now.
1.0 - Release, no problems reported. Animation for connecting isn't exactly round, and is noticeable when spinning. Might fix at a later date.



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# by VirtualDan on 07/27/05 at 04:35:57

Great Icon! thanx

# by on 07/27/05 at 05:25:42


# by on 07/27/05 at 08:36:37

I can't seem to decompress the archive here on Mac OS X 10.4.2 Danish language. I get an Error 1 Action not allowed.

# by on 07/27/05 at 10:52:35

This is a great set. Very well thought out. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this. It's a very thorough set.

# by Matt on 07/27/05 at 12:40:19

Same decompress error as above poster...10.4.2, English.

# by on 07/27/05 at 14:47:54

Same problem decompressing the zip archive (error -1 not allowed) OSX 10.4.2, English.

# by Anonymous on 07/27/05 at 15:55:28

End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
the last disk(s) of this archive.

^-If you try to unzip in the terminal

# by Impulse29 on 07/27/05 at 16:34:18

Okay, since many people are having troubles with it, I decided to make a disk image (.dmg), and zip that (zips are only allowed to be uploaded). It still has to be approved by the higher powers at Adium, and that should resolve the problems.

What I did was right clicked on the dock icon, and made it an archive. Not sure why some people are having trouble with it, but the new file should be better.

If you are still having trouble, you can download it from (however, try the link here first, so I know how many people download/like the icon)

# by on 07/27/05 at 17:01:02

The new link you provided worked fine for me. Thank you.

# by on 07/29/05 at 21:38:58

Same decompress issue 10.4.2 English

# by Dylan1077 on 08/14/05 at 03:20:18

Very good quality, you should make more icons :)

# by michelebugliaro on 08/15/05 at 05:27:15

It is good looking and nice but nevertheless confusing, since it used another app's icon.

# by Daveecee on 08/17/05 at 15:11:37

Michele, it shouldn't be confusing at all, really, as you would normally only be using Adium or iChat, not both at the same time.

# by theimacguy on 08/19/05 at 12:38:24

Thanx 4 da credit, props on da 'con. Me likes. n 4 da record, its "theimacguy". nyway, i like so much its my new icon 4 adium. great work giving my outdated icon a modern makeover.

# by ultraman on 08/22/05 at 02:45:55

Beautiful dock icon, thanx for sharing

# by miroku on 11/04/05 at 18:32:23

Best icon for users who just switched from iChat or switch between... It's in my head... GET IT OUUUUT!

# by powproduktion on 03/16/06 at 18:52:26

Great work!

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Current Version: 1.1
Last Updated: 08/11/05
Apple Computer (iChat Logo, Orange logo), imacguy (inspiration), Lasha (sending messages to test), Impulse29 (for creating animations, and photoshopping)