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Submitted By E dixon (Reikon)


ROT13 or rotate alphabet 13 places, is a simple Caeser cipher used by Usenet to hide possibly offensive message and/or spoilers. It moves each character of text 13 places forward//backward in the alphabet.

This ROT13 algorithm is modified, in that it also moves numbers forward 5 places.

I included "nrot13" and "dnrot13" for Normal ROT13, without my modifications.

This script Ciphers your text, for more private convos, and censorship.

How do I use it?
/rot13{text to encrypt/decrypt} (sends to IM)
/drot13{text to encrypt/decrypt} (displays dialog with text in it)
/nrot13{text to encrypt/decrypt in normal rot13} (sends to IM)
/dnrot13{text to encrypt/decrypt in normal rot13} (displays dialog with text in it)



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# by zaudragon on 07/19/05 at 23:16:27

More cryptic cyphers? There are enough :D
Hmmm… maybe I should AppleScript-ify the Enigma system ;) I wonder if that’s freely available…

# by Reikon on 07/19/05 at 23:19:49

ROT13 is one of the more popular Ciphers. Suprisingly no one had made anything for it yet. It may help with those more, private IMs. You can view they're contents when you're able to, and I'm sure no average person just glimpsing at it could decipher it. to my knowledge there are only 2 Cipher scripts.

# by cold on 01/20/08 at 23:08:11

Too easy to decrypt.

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