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Terminal Message View

Terminal Message View

Submitted By Takumi Murayama (zaudragon)


I always liked the way Terminal looked, so I made a message style based upon it. Here it is!

Timestamps show up when you hover over the message.

This uses the style of the default bash or tcsh shell, with different colour variants (Green on Black, White on Black, Black on White). You can always edit it if you like.

Note: I changed the status messages to be formatted like this:
bash: First Last went status
tcsh: First Last went status


1.1: Fixed the History problem with half of the last message being cut-off. This even got disabled for that reason :P
1.2: Added tcsh variant! Thanks reikon!
1.3: FINALLY got the bug I thought I squashed in 1.1 fixed. YAY!
1.4: Added white text variants.
1.5: Eh… got a better way to fix the bug.
1.6: Added black text variants, moved some code around to ease updating. Apparently I also changed the font to Monaco 9.



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# by on 06/27/05 at 02:22:44

haha, ive always liked termy too, very nice

# by Brutal on 06/27/05 at 04:42:43


# by on 06/27/05 at 16:38:17

Still gets cut off for me :(

# by Kirk on 06/27/05 at 17:34:47

Omigod, I've been waiting for a style like this for months!

# by on 06/29/05 at 14:43:42

Any chance of white writing?

# by oddfellow on 06/29/05 at 15:53:04

I think the text in the header should just be on top of the regular html instead... it interacts strangely with the conversation text, for me anyway.

Great style idea, though! I'm fixing it up a bit for my own tastes, but overall I love it

# by oddfellow on 06/29/05 at 16:03:06

I take back what I said about having issues with the header. It seems to work just fine now. Hooray.

# by zaudragon on 06/30/05 at 10:21:56

The header is perfectly fine as long as the chat name/contact name doesn’t wrap to a new line.

# by on 06/30/05 at 15:55:44

Any chance of alia's showing up in the chat window? I tell it to display alias of the buddy I'm chatting with but it never shows.

# by on 07/04/05 at 19:30:18

Awesome style! Good job!

# by on 07/05/05 at 11:12:05

Just what I was looking for ages!!!

# by on 07/10/05 at 02:55:01

It crashes every time I try to switch the skin on.

# by zaudragon on 07/10/05 at 11:50:23

Corey: What version of Adium and OS X?
Adium 0.8x is required and it won’t work on Jaguar, and maybe not Panther.

# by on 07/13/05 at 20:12:32

I second the push for a white writing option

# by zaudragon on 07/13/05 at 21:24:47

chris: Aliases? Have you ever seen "Takumi Murayama" (my long name), or your long name, in a Terminal window? I think not.

To those white-writing supporters: Sure! If I get 3 more votes, I’ll put it into the style. Not enough people.

# by kermit on 07/14/05 at 09:47:23

hey, I like this theme. No of people at my office notice I am chatting:D

# by zaudragon on 07/14/05 at 11:20:13

kermit: tight. “I’m just doing stuff in Terminal…”

# by carvas on 07/14/05 at 14:18:13

how can i make the user names/alias to show up? i only got the emails showing...

# by on 07/19/05 at 21:20:00

for some text shows up as black. but chatting partner's is green and all...but mine So I can't read it. So, that's a bummer.

# by zaudragon on 07/19/05 at 23:03:11

mike: Set it as green. Or, edit the CSS to make the background white.

# by Anonymous on 07/30/05 at 04:50:51

Okay.. one vote for white tex

# by travcook on 08/09/05 at 06:24:29

When I have the header showing, it cuts off the text, like doesn't show the latest line... and I really like the header too.. without it it's just boring..

Got a fix? :-)

# by zaudragon on 08/10/05 at 20:24:29

travcook: If your header wraps to a new line, it does that. Enlarge your window to fix it. I’ve had the same problem with wrapping, but without, it works perfectly.

# by Koba on 08/21/05 at 20:31:19

i third the white text, with some more features, and other nifty things, this could just be the best message window style ever!

# by travcook on 09/01/05 at 01:15:21

Thanks zaudragon, I eventually figured this one out ;-). Now I have a very big chat window. Heh heh heh...

# by JBHoren on 09/23/05 at 17:27:57

YESH! As a veteran (17 years) Unix sysadmin, I saw this message-view design and had to have it. Thanks!!

# by ourlastgoodbye on 10/02/05 at 16:29:52

Is there any way...

1. Make their Alias name appear?
2. Make the text white?

# by zaudragon on 10/02/05 at 19:48:55

1. No, that is already established. You do NOT normally see “Takumi Murayama” (my name) in the Terminal, instead you see the short user name, which we is the same as the screenname essentially. Look in the tab/titlebar instead; not too hard. I especially like it this way because sometimes, MSN users have obnoxiously long “display names.”
2. Enough people asked. I shall do it today… it might take a while to approve though.

# by Yukio on 10/05/05 at 14:31:06

Hey ,
This terminal very sweet....nice job...
I like get the feeling you typing a so called "Matrix" code into your chat window...

# by ourlastgoodbye on 10/05/05 at 21:16:56

When I have the header on and am the first to send a message, it does not appear until my friend responds.

Also, when the header is off, my first messages to my buddies are halfway cut off at the top so they are unreadable.


# by zaudragon on 10/05/05 at 22:22:47

The former shouldn’t happen if the header doesn’t wrap to a new line anywhere.

The latter shouldn’t happen either… in fact, they should be above the bottom of the window.

# by osprey54 on 10/07/05 at 04:00:49

is there any way to make it so you can chose your own background and text colors?

# by zaudragon on 10/07/05 at 19:33:06

The former should work. The latter is pretty hard; opening the CSS file and editing it would be faster.

# by OxC0FFEE on 10/10/05 at 20:37:16

I love the style, but I'd love it even better if it supported timestamps. Think you could massage them in without breaking the tcsh/bash metaphor too badly?

# by zaudragon on 10/11/05 at 01:06:15

Did you read the description?
“Timestamps show up when you hover over the message.”
Should be self-explanatory. Except I’m explaining that it’s self-explanatory, so it’s not is it? Hmm…

# by Brainiac on 11/03/05 at 18:36:18

A bit painfull for the eyes isn't it?

# by XmaestroX on 03/22/06 at 20:12:39

Holly crap thats sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# by basmets on 04/07/06 at 06:48:20

very ugly

# by aphrospice on 06/12/06 at 04:49:42

Thank you. Something for the geeky girls like me to sink their teeth in.

# by prometheus on 06/13/06 at 21:45:24

I like this one alot because it's easy to but a background image behind plus is very simple. Thanks alot!

# by cynic on 10/28/06 at 02:43:29

you're trying to confuse me! Before I know it I'll be putting commands into adium and wondering why terminal is quacking!

# by MacAdict on 03/18/07 at 02:23:19

Making incoming messages bold would help with usability.

# by pepijn on 04/04/07 at 11:29:04

my terminal has a white background and black text.
can you ad it, or can i make it myself?
the bash misses its - before it, and the text behind it is bold, so that doesn't look terminal like....

# by Bhikha on 09/01/09 at 02:02:16

love it man ;)

# by ikez on 06/01/10 at 02:24:26

very sweet, man!

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Template.html because I needed it to fix a few problems, the folks in #adium for support, samsamoa for the screenshot, and reikon for the tcsh variant which I changed so it would be a simple Variant change (I used CSS content tags)