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Submitted By Richard Gilbert (dcentity2000)


Notice: DO NOT INSTALL; instead, DOWNLOAD this extra and follow the instructions within.


1 x Contact List Layouts
1 x Contact List Colour Schemes
1 x Icon Packs
1 x Wallpapers
1 x Contact List Backgrounds
1 x Quartz themes

Best used with Quartz Desktop, a Tiger only feature. This ZIP archive contains a Quartz theme called "Ocean" which is basically the RSS news theme without the spinning text.

For those of you without Tiger, a static wallpaper is also included.


1.0 - Initial release
2.0 - Updated the spacing of the theme and changed the now archaic H[2]O icon pack with a modified Marine pack



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# by on 06/22/05 at 18:34:10

I am running Tiger, but I don't know how to set the quartz file as the background. Is there something I am missing?

# by dcentity2000 on 06/22/05 at 18:49:11

You need Quartz Desktop, not included due to legal reasons. You can nab it here:

# by on 06/24/05 at 11:18:00

I installed Quartz desktop with the idea that I would be able to use the Quartz file as the Background Image to my contact list. Is this incorrect? If it isn't, how is it done?

# by dcentity2000 on 06/24/05 at 11:43:34

It is wrong; the Quartz File can be used to generate a moving wallpaper for your Mac, using the enclosed Quartz file. There should also be a contact list background image (H[2]0 Background.png) to drag into the status icons folder inside Adium's application support folder in the Library. The list should automatically use that (I think.) Try setting the contact list opacity to 50% too, that way you'll see a certain amount of animation too.

# by Anonymous on 06/28/05 at 20:35:12

Man, with all this stuff, it's like you wanna take over my Mac!

# by dcentity2000 on 02/21/07 at 19:53:23

>> UPDATED to version 2.0

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