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Minimal 2.0

Minimal 2.0

Submitted By john muhl (polymnemonic)


Minimal 2.0 is the result of customizing the default Minimal message style with the objective of creating an even more minimal/readable message view style.


changed display name to Minimal 2.0
switched user icon to the jabber light bulb created by pss for his pss-2 service icon set
use date format as defined in System Preferences where possible
added Incoming/FileTransferRequest.html for prettier inline file transfer (1.0 and higher only)
removed worthless variants, ie … vs White, … vs Yellow, White vs … and Yellow vs …
removed forced Helvetica where possible, still doesn't change user name fonts; apparently Adium controls these over anything the css says, except in certain cases where it does change all fonts

fixed problem with six digit time stamps
removed a bunch of cruft; thanks to Catfish_Man for the catch. cuts about 40% off the file size.
removed service stamps, I decided they were antithetical to Adium's ability to mask what protocol you're using.

added service indicator to initial time stamp
lightened the dotted line between messages
removed all reference to specific typefaces
more minor changes to hyperlink decoration
updated all color variants and added more, now 90 variants to choose from
added a "Conversation started at ... " header

removed default background
fixed problem where user icons appeared diagonally (thanks to sgc for pointing it out)
fixed vertical alignment problems with user icons (thanks to sgc for pointing it out)
decreased user icon size to 24x24 px
removed forced capitalization of user names
fixed vertical alignment problem in the status message

very minor changes to the line height & hyperlink decoration
corrected a few errors in the variants (fixes contributed by amy b.)

new image background
replaced all original color variants with new ones (67 variants now, lots contributed by amy b.)
use a timestamp only for initial messages & status messages
removed consecutive message timestamp
changed sender name to ALL CAPS
increased line height between sender name and initial message
changed all colors to "web safe"
increased user icons to 36x36px [the style is much better w/out any]
adjusted line height in messages
adjusted line height between sender and initial message
minor adjustments to text padding in messages
replaced the default icons



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# by kirk on 05/04/05 at 17:51:52

Great! I've been looking for a simple messageview style like this

# by sdh on 05/04/05 at 18:36:33


# by 61Tipo61 on 09/26/05 at 21:46:30

Awesome, great mod to a great theme

# by jdang on 10/29/05 at 10:47:54

I think the dotted lines are too dark.

# by polymnemonic on 10/30/05 at 17:52:10

me too. in fact the local version that I have of the next update already has the lighter lines between messages

# by josephyli on 11/20/05 at 03:07:12

I like this style a lot. There are more color variants than i'll ever use (seriously, 90!?), but it's a simple style and I keep coming back to it.

Note: There's a bug with the new header and message history, i think, with 1.3: the last message sent in the history is too low to be visible.

# by polymnemonic on 11/20/05 at 03:21:57

I'm not sure I understand what you mean with the bug and the header, if you could send me a screenshot that'd help a ton in getting it corrected (just click my name here and use the email address provided in my profile); and thanks for the positive remarks.

# by Lode on 06/07/06 at 06:31:56

You should remove all references to font-family and try not to use fixed font heights (pixels). I removed them on my machine, and now I am able to use 'Optima' as font in the font size that I like.

Default font and font size should be specified in your .plist preference file. Manage the size of other fonts using em or %.

ps: same remarks go for your minimal style, I love that one over this one since the colors are better (green status messages for instance)

Anyway, good job, still :)

# by polymnemonic on 06/07/06 at 23:32:58

I can set the font to Optima without changing anything, so I can only guess that the issue you ran into is not directly related to minimal_mod. But just as a matter of practice I agree that no font should be referenced from within the style. In fact. v1.3 did not have any reference to any font, it only used font-family: sans-serif; but for some reason beyond my comprehension this caused 6-digit timestamps to go haywire under certain circumstances and the quickest way I found to fix this was to make the status, names, and time info display in Helvetica. Or is it the reference to sans-serif part that you suspect was causing the issue?

It's on the todo list.

I did not make minimal, pss did (as is noted in the credits on the right). I based minimal_mod off of his original work and left most, if not all of his code in place. The status messages in minimal_mod are colored to match the variant you've selected, so yeah the status will only be green when using a Green vs... or ...vs Green variant.

Suggestions for new variants are welcome, just click my name on this page and grab my gtalk id and send'em on in.

# by Lode on 06/08/06 at 05:40:51

Aha, thanks for the explanation :)

And yes, the font does change to Optima, but not in all places. For instance the nickname keep the Helvetica font (and also the font-size stays fixed). But I guess that it's something which is hard to fix since you can only specify one font in the preference file. So when you want to declare an element as using another font, you need to specify it in the CSS, which won't be overridden.

At least, that's how it appears to me.

And sorry about confusing you with pss, I overlooked that :)

Solid adaptation though! :)

# by phineas on 07/17/06 at 13:11:24

this would be even more awesome if the user pics alternated.

# by polymnemonic on 07/17/06 at 18:25:20

Well, since I never used the style with icons I just assumed no one else did; but for some reason lately I've been getting more and more request for this alternating icon layout…So I guess you guys win, the next update will have an alternating user icon view if at all possible. It probably won't happen anytime real soon but it is now on the to-do list..

# by Winston on 08/10/06 at 14:53:59

I installed this and Adium crashes everytime it's started now.

Adium 0.89.1
Dual 2 Ghz PowerPC G5
1GB Ram

# by polymnemonic on 08/10/06 at 15:30:15

sorry about that, I did not test in 0.8x - it works fine in 1.x - the problem is likely due to some new thing added to the message code spec for 1.x that causes 0.8x to crash. I'll see if I can't make a stripped down non-1.x specific version later today and post a link for it here.

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thanks to pss (original creator of Minimal), eevyl, evands, adamiser, and kbotc (for updates, tweaks, fixes to the original Minimal), and amy b.