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Text encryption

Text encryption

Submitted By prodigy


A pretty secure encrytion and decryption.

To use type /encrypt{ur text}
or /decrypt{ur text}
and follow instructions

This is still in a kind of beta mode so any problems (should be few) please email me.


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# by on 05/04/05 at 02:22:39

Could you say a little more about what it's actually doing?

# by zaudragon on 05/04/05 at 03:21:58

Eh? why not OTR?

# by Aaron Jacobs on 05/04/05 at 12:32:38

I'd just like to point out to anyone who finds this extra that you should not use it, and instead should use the encryption built in to Adium 0.8.

This AppleScript is not very secure at all, despite its description. Also, as a rule you should probably never trust your sensitive data to someone who uses the word "ur" in their product description.

# by Prodigy on 05/04/05 at 15:58:24

It's not meant to be a data encryption, it just scrambles text so that only those whom you give your encryption key to can descramble it.

# by twopeak on 05/05/05 at 14:57:55

Can you give some information about the algorithm?
I don't feel like understanding your code, but at first sight the "pretty secure" is like the "pretty secure" of microsoft...

I wouldn't think of trusting this without any explanation whatsoever

# by prodigy on 05/05/05 at 16:34:57

Firstly I only done this becuase I was bored, os it's never going to be any where near professional standards.
Without giveing to much away, it first takes the encryption key and using 2 random variables, which will change at random points, it changes all the alphabetic, numeric and the space character in the text. Although you might be able to see somthing like a double letter in the encrypted version when there was also one in the decrypted version - i.e. hello -> vlnkrru - and this may seem like it's unsecure, the longer the block of text entered the harder it will be to see things like this.

But I would also not recommend sending sensitive information (eg PIN numbers) using this.

This was just made for fun and I thought I would share it.

# by twopeak on 05/05/05 at 20:54:40

having clarified this, I think it's a nice script :) ?It's idiotproof, but not geekproof...

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