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Feng Shui - Minimal

Feng Shui - Minimal

Submitted By Scottalatate' (uniraver-ZG)


- Modified to ensure v.8 compliance
- Removed Monkey Emoticon include

Note! Looks best under AdiumX v.8

This is my favorite layout. I hate too much action on my desktop as its distracting.

The colors are subtle yet vivid enough to be visible and different from all white and gray wondows. Good against any desktop pattern too!

The transparency is perfect to read, but not blocking things out behind.

The "events" are just right to get your attention fast or be noticed, but ignorable if needed.

I also have it ungrouped and alphabetized in "View" prefs for max workflow/visibility, IMHO.

PS> Take a look at "Monkey" emoticon pack too (suggested for 0.8beta users)

* Hey * I use the computer (for biz) 18 hours per day 7 days a week, and have over 200 contacts in my IM lists over 5 services. I have over 20 programs open at a time. I'm pretty serious about productivity and what works, while being attractive for tens-of-thousands of hours per year.



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# by WTF! on 04/26/05 at 21:09:54

Your Monkey Smilies Make My Adium Crash!!! Get Rid Of Em B4 Dey Gets Rid Of U!!!

# by uniraver-ZG on 04/26/05 at 23:33:34

Monkeys have been removed... Thank you.

Thanks also for more info on why you're crashing and what version you're running.

# by on 05/03/05 at 16:56:36

uniraver-ZG, u made me laugh! hehehe... decent answer to someone who calls himself nothing less than "wtf?"... but maybe next time u may want to gather some more bug reports before u change ur code because of one single complaint. cheers!

# by uniraver-ZG on 05/04/05 at 00:11:49

Thanks and appreciate the comments. I received a more detailed report from someone which helped, but I never found the reason. AdiumX v.8 is released and we're all happy now!

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