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Submitted By Boramor


Terminal Theme for Adium

Please set your opacity in the settings to 70% for full enjoyment of this theme!

This theme is for you all you nerds out there longing for old-school contact-lists with Terminal like colors and so on. Icons are Somaticons, the font used is Silkscreen.
All these are included in this pack.

NOTE: If you click install on the right, it will not install the font and/or wallpaper! Make sure to 'download' the package!


Version 1.3
- Updated info.



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# by Dylan1077 on 04/10/05 at 22:09:03

hahah. i think i downloaded it before it was released. really awesome looking tho.

# by Dylan1077 on 04/11/05 at 00:15:20

what is your background image? it seems to look better on your desktop than it does on mine :|

# by Boramor on 04/11/05 at 09:19:18

I got it from: . It's called something like: light experiment. Thanks for the heads up!

# by michelebugliaro on 04/12/05 at 19:20:19

Very good!

# by macfan26 on 04/13/05 at 05:21:33

Most of the styles I download I end up modifying, but this one I only increased the font size because of my old eyes, lol. Awesome style.

# by Boramor on 04/22/05 at 18:03:01

Crossed the 1000 downloads border! Woohoo! :D

# by on 04/24/05 at 20:28:05

The only problem I see is that the status icons look funny in a message window. They don't have enough spacing around thee.

# by Boramor on 04/25/05 at 12:22:10

I don't seem to have this problem.
Try the Beta, it's worth it.

# by wickedsweetninja on 08/11/05 at 12:33:02

got this yesterday and i love it, so customizable and stylish! :)

# by michaeldmartin on 01/08/06 at 17:33:50


# by reconbot on 01/12/06 at 17:36:56

A theme after my own terminal. =)

# by SpideyKonfusion on 03/02/06 at 18:39:50

i cant get the somatic dots to show up, i just got Adium, and tried to install this theme, but when i double click to add the icons, it wont change it (from gems) and the icons next to somaticdots is blank (compared to gems that have the different color gems). any idea on what i'm doing wrong? i tried copying the somaticdots file into the Adium Resource folder (under Status Icons), and there were only the two default files there, and if i put that in there, and go to the Preferences, it shows two SomaticDots, both of em with blank lefts to them, and not working.

# by Boramor on 03/02/06 at 18:47:23

In the zip file is another zip file for SomaticDots, unzip that one and install.
Should work fine, I don't know why the other one is screwed.

# by SpideyKonfusion on 03/02/06 at 21:19:49

perfect, thanx a lot ^_^" great contact list style btw, I really love it :]

# by SpideyKonfusion on 03/02/06 at 21:19:50

perfect, thanx a lot ^_^" great contact list style btw, I really love it :]

# by tamashii on 04/11/06 at 13:34:40

I notice that in the sample screenshot of the them in action, there is a break between the different groups (rounded corners and such as well). How do I separate the groups like that?

This is a great List theme. Any chance there are plans to make a Message Style as well? Currently, I would love to have something similar in look/style for my message panes because it is a bit jarring to see the distinctly two different looks right next to each other for the same program.

# by tamashii on 04/11/06 at 13:51:44

First question solved. Just needed to tinker with the Prefs a bit longer to find it, hehe.

# by hazriqpedia on 05/19/10 at 06:33:21

how did you do that? (break between the different groups)
Im a noob :((


# by Mrs.Guerrero on 04/23/06 at 15:59:48


# by happydnmead on 05/15/06 at 11:29:32

i bit simple to simple for me

# by mandrake on 09/10/06 at 19:18:12

how can i group borderless windows ... i just want to have the same as group bubbles but with square edges. thank you.

terminal is the most well designed contact list by the way. it has a perfect composition, balance and use of colors. nice work!

# by mandrake on 09/10/06 at 19:19:33

i know there is an option for borderless windows but it doesn't let you customize the space between the groups or mockie spacing. thanks again.

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 02/05/07 at 03:27:23

I like this one lots, it's schnazzy.

# by ssrxe on 02/19/07 at 15:25:49


# by ataraxia on 09/18/07 at 10:46:39

I cant use this layout and many others. and i have version 1.1.2

why isnt it working for me?

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