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Submitted By Zac White (zac)


Shows others how many chats you are currently involved in like "4 IMs + 2 chats".


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# by jacky on 03/22/05 at 08:05:44

could you give us some more info where you can use it for

# by zac on 03/22/05 at 15:08:08

Well, sure. I use it as a status message (I think this will make more sense with .8). I originally wrote the script for iChatStatus but then I discovered Adium about a year ago and I haven't looked back. The one feature I wish I had had was status messages. In .8 my wish will come true. When I have it on, other people can see how many people I'm currently talking to. Not a really useful script but novel and fun.

# by on 03/22/05 at 17:11:40

so do i put the %command in the status prefs? or in my profile?

# by zac on 03/22/05 at 17:20:36

Either one. %pop is the command btw.

# by on 05/17/05 at 11:35:41

I just downloaded this, and every time I message someone, it says "5 IM's". Am I doing something wrong?

# by on 05/17/05 at 16:43:32

Well, if you are typing %pop into the message to be sent...then yes. This is more of a status thing though. Just make a new status and put %pop in there. That way, your status message will show you how many conoversations you are in.

# by know1 on 06/09/05 at 15:13:47

Pretty cool man! now I just need to talk to more people.... anyway Thanks!

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Last Updated: 03/21/05
Idea by Zac White.Implementation by Zac White.