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Submitted By E dixon (Reikon)


  • What does it do?
    Ever had a friend online ask you who else you were talking to? Now you can tell them without typing it all out. Basically this script relays the service the person is using, and their screenname/alias.

    This is only the first version, I might update it to add more services, as this only supports AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, .Mac, ICQ, and Jabber. It'll work with other sevices, but it won't be formatted.

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    # by Chort27 on 03/08/05 at 13:40:35

    This is an awesome idea. I love it sooooooo much!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SCRIPT!

    # by Reikon on 03/08/05 at 15:24:34

    Welcome :)

    # by on 07/09/05 at 17:10:57

    I think that you should make one that shows who there talking to with out the other person knowing, just because Im nosey.

    # by on 07/26/05 at 20:37:56

    Is it possiable to get the name that they created the account with

    # by schinckel on 08/26/05 at 09:09:36

    I've created a modified version of this that uses the display name, and (IMHO) formats the response nicer.

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    3.70 / 47 votes
    Current Version: 1.0
    Last Updated: 03/06/05
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