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Map Of...

Map Of...

Submitted By Takumi Murayama (zaudragon)


This will display a map with the map of your choice. The ones supported are:

  • Google (/gm)
  • Yahoo (/ym)
  • MapQuest (/mm)

For Google, don't include commas. Yahoo and MapQuest need commas, however, in these formats:

  • Yahoo: Street,City,State,Zipcode
  • MapQuest: Street,City,State,Zipcode,Country

I can't test the "Country" in MapQuest, so feel free to do so, and use two character country codes, such as "us" or "ca"

  • Google: /gm{1 Infinite Loop Cupertino CA 95014}
  • Yahoo: /ym{1 Infinite Loop,Cupertino,CA,95014}
  • MapQuest: /mm{1 Infinite Loop,Cupertino,CA,95014,US}


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# by jack on 05/05/05 at 16:44:27

this is cool. :)

# by on 07/21/05 at 06:29:32

doesnt work for me... am i missing something?

# by zaudragon on 07/21/05 at 13:27:37

chipstar: how are you invoking the script? Tell me the /** command, and what you put in the braces.

# by Wegface on 10/09/08 at 00:22:47

Thats ace! :)

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Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 02/16/05
Credits: for the Yahoo and Google scripts which I changed, and Google, Yahoo, and MapQuest for their map sites. Myself for the MapQuest script. Twistmac for helping me test