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Submitted By Brad Tallon (falconbrad)


  • This script is very simple. Every time it is invoked, it will randomly change the color of your Ambient Orb. You must have the premium service and you must be signed up for and have your orb set to the developer channel in order for this to work correctly (or at all).

  • Usage: Simply type /AmbientAdium{IDString}, where 'IDString' is the 9-character alphanumeric ID of your orb (it's on the bottom on the bar code sticker). The script will then return a short message saying the color of the orb has been changed.

  • Version 0.2 Out! This new version includes two scripts... an improvement to the original that returns the new color of the orb, and a "silent" script for use in the Adium Event handler (i.e. allowing you to change the color of your orb automatically when people sign on or off, send you a message, whatever!). There are more detailed instructions in the package. Make sure to read them carefully!

    As always, let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, whatever.

    VERY IMPORTANT!!! READ: I forgot to put in my directions zipped with the package that you need to open the AmbientAdiumSilent script and enter your DevID number for your orb where it specifies. I will make the change and post a new archive soon! Sorry!
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    # by ihaveabellybutton on 02/06/05 at 07:07:07

    What's an Ambient Orb?

    # by BlueRevolution on 02/06/05 at 08:01:03

    waaaay too expensive for me though :P

    # by Brutal on 02/06/05 at 12:45:38

    Holy crap that's expensive! (and useless)

    # by thefatrat on 02/06/05 at 16:24:36

    that's the most worthless thing i've ever seen! nice job scripting that one.

    # by faclonbrad on 02/08/05 at 03:12:58

    Has anyone actually used this? I'm working on what I think are some pretty cool modifications.

    # by on 02/14/05 at 05:00:57

    Wow, I really don't understand what it could be used for... can someone explain please? maybe I am missing the point of this script.

    # by falconbrad on 02/17/05 at 21:10:53

    Well, originally I was thinking that you could include this as a script that runs when someone signs on or off (using the the alerts), but the update time of the orb is too slow to make the useful in any way (but still kinda cool).

    Now what I'm working on is the ability to run the script in a mode where invoking in (say your profile) returns a link. When the person viewing your profile clicks on the link, the link will change to text saying "Congratulation, you have changed the Orb's color to {insert color here}!" I figure that might be more useful. You could, of course, still use this script, in it's current form, to signal an alert in Adium, but again know that the update times for the Orb are guaranteed in hour increments. That doesn't mean it won't work faster, it just means that it's guaranteed to work within that time frame.

    If people have suggestions for me, then please feel free to drop me an email and let me know what you'd like to see. I'm struggling with XML parsing here, but I'll try my best to get the features in that people want.

    # by biglittledragoon on 03/13/05 at 11:01:13

    Is it a joke? A kind sectarian whim?

    # by falconbrad on 03/13/05 at 18:08:29

    If you mean do you have to be a part of cult following in order to appreciate this script, then maybe :) I haven't actually met too many people who have one of these, but they do exist. I also assure you that it is not a joke, it does work as advertised.

    # by biglittledragoon on 03/14/05 at 19:33:30

    OK, thank you for answers. But it's still strange... I wonder to see one of those "thing" working! Take care.

    # by on 03/30/05 at 20:23:01

    Seems to be a great toy! Do you know about any similar device, that runs our of the US? I live in Switzerland, where there is no network coverage of ambient.
    They speak of a possibility to use bluetooth instead of the "pager" network. maybe this is how you could send information directly to the orb.

    any ideas?

    # by Anonymous on 06/30/05 at 03:05:18

    I just read about these Ambient devices in Business Week......sounds really cool!

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    142.55kb (496 downloads)

    3.20 / 62 votes
    Current Version: 0.2
    Last Updated: 03/13/05
    Includes XML Parsing addon from XML Tools (freeware)