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Binary Converter

Binary Converter

Submitted By Ben Froman (Dwarf84396)


This is a very simple script that will take a string and convert the string into ASCII binary. It will also do reverse encoding (e.g.: will take a string of binary and convert it to text) This will only work on the first 256 characters of ASCII, at least for right now.
/binary {text to binary}
/string {binary to text}

Sorry that I didn't put the usage stuff in there in the beginning


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# by ihaveabellybutton on 02/06/05 at 07:05:51

This is great!! Don't know when you would use it though.

# by BlueRevolution on 02/06/05 at 08:06:00

%binary{you are stupid}so now when people ask what your away message says, you can truly say, "you are stupid".perfect!

# by no one on 02/10/05 at 23:38:08

I can't get it too work.

# by on 02/12/05 at 01:46:20

to get it to work you type:

with your comment inside the braces like so:
/binary{my comment}

it'll show as:

# by on 02/14/05 at 05:25:49

how about an xtra that un-translates the binary?

# by on 02/15/05 at 11:56:05

"This will only work on the first 256 characters of ASCII, at least for right now."

Am I not right in thinking that ASCII only HAS 256 chars? Unicode is 16 bit but ASCII is 8...
Anyhoo, it's a neat script! I edited it so that it can do hex,octal, and decimal too. Hope you don't mind!
Reversing it isn't too hard really, just build another subroutine to convert binary to decimal, then map that to a lookup table with the appropriate ASCII char.

# by Dwarf84396 on 02/18/05 at 03:40:23


Sorry that I didn't document this that well:

/binary {text to binary}
/string {binary to text}


I do think that you're right with that. It's just a misnomer in my case. If you can, either e-mail me the hex/octal/decimal version, or post it here at adiumXtras so that we can all share?


# by Gigi on 03/06/05 at 13:01:02

I can't get the decoder to work- I type in /string{binary to text} and nothing happens.

# by Dwarf84396 on 03/11/05 at 15:37:57

Gigi, where you have "binary to text", do you have a string that is made up of "1"s and "0"s, that is ready to be converted back into plain text? Here, as an example: /binary{test} should give you this: 01110100011001010111001101110100

Then, you would put that back in by using /string {01110100011001010111001101110100} which should give you: test

Comment back if you have any trouble with it.

# by benbrignell on 05/06/10 at 18:48:38

Literally awesome. Now I can communicate efficiently to my robot army without the need for awkward and rudimentary hand gestures.

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