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LaRepublique Emoticons

LaRepublique Emoticons

Submitted By Carsten Wolfram (Carsten)


Everybody loves la republique!

Here are the emoticons used in LaRepublique, a german design forum.

NEW VERSION! Now with many additional awesome smilies in that same cool RPBLQUE-style. GET IT NOW.


NEW EMOTICONS since last version:

:hahn (updated)


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# by Carsten on 01/16/05 at 20:31:01

I'm lovin it.

# by on 01/23/05 at 20:10:48

And i do that too.

This whole RPBLQUE things is amazing.


# by Carsten on 01/23/05 at 20:13:00

Yeah bro, thats so damn incredible, I can't believe I'm in there! I've never had that amount of sex in my ENTIRE LIFE!

# by on 01/23/05 at 20:14:44

I know what you mean! I heard about that LRPBLQ-Thing some month ago for the first time! I thought its like Scientology - but it's even better! I love laRepublique. And laRepublique loves me.

# by Carsten on 01/23/05 at 20:22:50

I believe LRPBLQ loves everyone! There's so much love and kindness there - it's so wonderful. I think everybody should have a LRPBLQ account!

# by on 01/23/05 at 20:26:02

Oh you guys are damn right! Before I was a member of that thing, I was just sitting in front of the tv, spanking the monkey. Now I've got something better to do! LaRepublique made me laugh again. It's the best thing I've ever seen. Believe it or not- just rocks!

# by on 01/25/05 at 07:20:17

yeah, this stuff fucking roaks. LRPBLQUE loves everyone and everyone loves LRPBLQUE. :love

have a look, it is awesome!
carsten you're the best!

# by on 01/30/05 at 21:42:41

it's so amazing :anbet

# by on 02/08/05 at 21:56:08

Yeah, it's awesome;

What is i?

# by on 03/31/05 at 07:02:24

That one?s dope! what language is it? Its not french is it? Anyway, the designs wicked and the logo kicks ass!

keep up the good shit!

# by on 03/31/05 at 07:02:57

The sexiest community ever. I can't live without LRPBLQ :love

# by on 05/08/05 at 15:33:39

wow. i love these emoticons

# by KRIS on 10/26/05 at 06:41:05

absolutly gorgeous!!! fukkin´amazing this lrpblque shit! :rock

# by Stridder44 on 02/05/07 at 04:30:21

I want to understand but I can only speak English :-(

What is this site about? I'm so curious now! I want to love it too!!

# by groovy18 on 02/08/07 at 17:20:24

its fantastic! a great work carsten. i will love the republique. ill tell my friends. greetz :rock

# by Rebekia on 02/08/07 at 19:04:18

I....don't get it. Is this like..satire on nazi germany? or am i just reading the emoticons all wrong?

# by smacmac on 02/09/07 at 13:12:00

It looks like a forum page that is builded up around a neo nazi germany look for the fun of it...

# by itunesmc on 07/12/07 at 10:12:25

is it possible to configure your :D - Smilie that it don't collidate with my other smilie?

Maybe :D schould be the same as :grin ?

is it possible

(sorry bad english even for a german)

# by MichelvonLönneberger on 07/12/07 at 11:58:42

very nice. a must have emoticon set. :rock

# by solly3 on 03/15/08 at 07:57:31

How do you make your own smiley set?

# by simonm on 06/09/08 at 13:29:16

WTF happened to Australia in that map? The UK is also conspicuously absent. Is this an idealised German world without the Commonwealth (though Canada is present)????

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