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Neo Duck Revisited

Neo Duck Revisited

Submitted By Stephen (infinity)


As requested, I removed the shells. So now he just fires his gun when you get an IM. I also tilted the guns slightly so that the muzzle flash would fit better in the dock.



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# by Scottish on 01/12/05 at 21:29:09

A more complete preview image would be appreciated.

# by zaudragon on 01/13/05 at 00:00:17

Indeed :)

# by infinity on 01/13/05 at 02:36:33

Oh, sorry about the preview image. I did it kinda fast. Basically it is exactly the same as the other Neo duck just with no shell casings on the ground and no shells coming from the gun. The other Neo duck I did can be found here:

# by Anonymous on 01/18/05 at 04:13:42

Could you make a version to match his costume in Reloaded/Revolutions? And how about Morpheus duck? I love these things, great work!!

# by on 01/20/05 at 16:14:09

is it possible to make one with a larger gun? if is to difficult for you you wont have to do it but send me a email then(when its to difficult)thanks a lot.(there may be 2 or 1 gun thats something you must decide)

# by thatwuzrad on 02/09/05 at 23:31:01

hahaha! this one is a must have :)

# by richwyld on 01/18/07 at 00:54:25

love it

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