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Violinist Duck

Violinist Duck

Submitted By Erin Ferrell (lysistrata398)


This Duck plays a sweet little tune for you in place of the flap. Well, he looks like he's playing anyway.



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# by beemer on 12/22/04 at 00:06:19

This Rocks!!

# by infinity on 12/22/04 at 11:26:01

WOW! This is great. Nice Work!

# by zaudragon on 12/24/04 at 20:10:33

w00t! My avatar as a dock icon! Thanks! And I requested it too!

# by zaudragon on 12/24/04 at 20:11:55

Maybe instead of the default arrow spinning, you could make a note spin!

# by 61Tipo61 on 12/24/04 at 20:43:33

This is Awesome! Great dock Icon!

# by on 12/26/04 at 05:34:32

Can anyone make a Trombone Adiumy? i'd love that!

# by Legolas on 12/26/04 at 19:17:22

A trumpet one would be nice!

# by on 12/31/04 at 13:05:55

I second the trombone :)

# by on 03/09/05 at 04:37:44

I third the trombone comment!!!

# by on 05/03/05 at 23:16:04

I think this trumps the lederhosen one I just downloaded.
Now that I'm not playing viola OR violin this concert (tendinitis) I can still play violin while I'm on adium! This rocks!

# by on 07/23/05 at 17:57:08

How about an Upright Bassist Adiumy?

# by touspous on 11/17/06 at 20:50:21

This is soothing for the eyes!Now could we have the adium soprano singer please!!!

# by tasmanian_devil on 04/17/07 at 02:51:03

OOH!! What about a bagpipe?! :D That would be hecka hilarious!! I like it tons awesome!!

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Original Adiumy by Adam Betts.