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# by 37pens on 01/30/05 at 23:39:47

another thought i just had, but i think that it might be impossible. is to make applescript do a plain google search and select the first result from a viable site. I think there might actually be a way, but i'll need some help... to the forums...

# by 37pens on 01/30/05 at 23:35:47

I have it set now to delay 5 before getting the URL, my problem with curling is only grabbing the lyrics cause pretty much every lyric site has a different format ( & When i finish up some of my other projects (I'm learning RB) I'll probably use your advice Zau with the if statements. and do 5-10 of the main lyrics sites. I'll try to get at least lyricsfreak and a few others this week.
Any suggestions for other sites? the only other ones i can think of that i've seen come up often for me are letssingit and purelyrics. Thanks for your help and patience

# by 37pens on 01/25/05 at 22:38:27

Sorry folks, I think I'm quitting on this script for now atleast. If anyone else wants to give it a go have at it. I just don't have the time/know how/desire to keep trying to customize site by site it to return the actual lyrics. Thanks for trying my script out anyway.

# by 37pens on 01/24/05 at 12:42:54

I've been working with using curl, it's just a matter of the different formats of different lyric sites. Also, since the google feeling lucky search isn't the final URL which the lyrics are at, i'm having trouble finding a better way than making applescript delay an arbitrary 5 seconds before curling. I'm only a couple months into applescript so progress is kind of slow especially since I have too many other hobbies, and school.