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# by oskar.krawczyk on 01/15/10 at 21:03:18

I dropped support for Leopard with Safari 3 a long time ago.

# by oskar.krawczyk on 10/19/09 at 17:59:39

Hi, as I've stated before. This issue is a bug in Adium (running on Snow Leopard).

Double and triple checked NoteBoard's codeľ all is fine there.

# by oskar.krawczyk on 10/18/09 at 19:56:01

Thanks for the heads-up, I'll include a fix in the next release.

# by oskar.krawczyk on 10/15/09 at 07:37:26

It's a bug in Adium working on Snow Leopard.

# by oskar.krawczyk on 09/03/09 at 22:05:56

No sweat, here we go:

Go to /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Message Styles, right click on "NoteBoard.AdiumMessageStyle", pick "Show Package Contents", a new window will pop up. Go to Contents and pick "info.plist" (open it in a text editor). At this point you need to find a key named "DefaultFontFamily" and change the STRING underneath to the font you want to use, ie. Lucida Grande.