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# by itunesmc on 07/19/08 at 08:37:17

Na gut dann warten wir in 6 Monaten au fine passendes Winter Theme :)

# by itunesmc on 09/14/07 at 12:56:11

and what about chatrooms? how can i know who is saying what?

# by itunesmc on 07/12/07 at 07:12:25

is it possible to configure your :D - Smilie that it don't collidate with my other smilie?

Maybe :D schould be the same as :grin ?

is it possible

(sorry bad english even for a german)

# by itunesmc on 04/07/07 at 17:11:29

How about create a "Danko Jones" Adiumy :-D That would be great

# by itunesmc on 04/07/07 at 09:24:28

Jonas now it looks like you have a job :-D