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# by Rebekia on 04/03/07 at 14:01:01

I would love to know who has this as their dock icon..yet doesn't have a clue who this is.

# by Rebekia on 04/03/07 at 13:56:48

I really enjoy the simplicity personally. My desktop always ends up looking like mass chaos so having something simple in my buddy list is greatly appreciated.

# by Rebekia on 02/08/07 at 15:07:14

eww they did? that's sad. I liked the butterfly. :/ mergers blah

# by Rebekia on 02/08/07 at 15:04:18

I....don't get it. Is this like..satire on nazi germany? or am i just reading the emoticons all wrong?

# by Rebekia on 01/29/07 at 15:17:10

I love they're hand-drawn and sketches...sketches are most times in black and white..on a whim with a free hand and an open mind. I love the idea of wanting to gain a bit of free hand motion back to a very stiff computer set programming systems that we live in now. I totally know why you got the bug to do this :D