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# by Dachaz on 01/15/09 at 19:39:13

It's rather visually pleasing, but buggy as well.
Namely, too often did my messages appear as being sent by the person I'm chatting with, which would follow with theirs being shown somewhere above (with no decoration) so when I realised that I'm re-opening chat windows several times per discussion, I decided to stop using it.

# by Dachaz on 01/15/09 at 18:56:25

I absolutely adore this!

# by Dachaz on 02/15/07 at 19:30:40

Fantastic app! Saved me 1.5 hours (if the integrated calculation thingie is correct ;))
Though, I may have found a bug: when I select a contact from the left list with a mouse everything loads up ok, but if I select the next one with the keyboard the data is kept from the last one clicked but yet if I am to press the copy picture or copy IM button the highlighted one will be copied instead of displayed one.

Great work, anyhow!

# by Dachaz on 02/15/07 at 19:05:35

Would be better if you didn't use black squares.

# by Dachaz on 02/15/07 at 19:00:16

Simple. Love it.