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# by jpfeffer on 10/27/07 at 16:35:05

i love this but is there a way to make the status bubbles larger? when anyone i am talking to has a large away message, it runs off the bubble and is impossible to be seen. thanks!

# by jpfeffer on 05/09/07 at 12:44:52

i agree, can you make it so there is a custom background?

thanks, i love it!

# by jpfeffer on 03/11/07 at 19:16:23

i am having the same problem with the last letter of a buddy's username dropping to the next line - is there an easy fix for this?

# by jpfeffer on 02/10/07 at 16:40:39

awesome, thanks :D - i like the look of a dark background with light text, one problem i always have though is formatting. if you do have time for this, could you try to make it default to an incoming white text so that you don't have any issues seeing what people send you? great :)

# by jpfeffer on 02/10/07 at 14:22:58

this is beautiful... is there any way you could make a variant with black bubbles?