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# by ParanoidAndroid on 01/13/07 at 20:54:57

Aren't these some of the built-in Photoshop vector shapes?

# by ParanoidAndroid on 12/03/06 at 15:51:45

Also, the question mark is generated because of software limitations concerning the character in question ("a" with a diaeresis).

# by ParanoidAndroid on 11/28/06 at 18:40:53

This looks nicely smooth. Good job.

# by ParanoidAndroid on 11/24/06 at 10:49:32

Could you perhaps make an option to return an article, instead of simply a search? If I want to send somebody to say, the Adium article, I would want to sen them to, not a search.

# by ParanoidAndroid on 11/24/06 at 10:28:21

The JPEG can be found inside the package itself.