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# by jnewland on 02/07/08 at 07:42:37

Adam -

Are you running any other applications using the Twitter API? They've implemented a 70 request/minute/account rate limit. Once over that rate limit, TwitterAdium displays your last cached tweet. Is it possible that this is occurring?

# by jnewland on 02/04/08 at 08:23:48

Adam -

I haven't updated this plugin to work with the new Applescript setup yet. Will do that this AM and post a new version.

# by jnewland on 03/30/07 at 06:12:17

Michael - please contact me via aim at jbnewland or google talk at so I can investigate this further.

# by jnewland on 03/29/07 at 22:40:27

Michael - does your .twitter file have your username, email, and password in it? Please adjust it to contain all three.

# by jnewland on 03/21/07 at 07:47:54

I've just uploaded version 1.0, which supports protected updates.