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# by megalogeek on 10/23/04 at 17:59:21

I update it to v1.1 - This adds support for Mozilla & Netscape. Unfortunately, Opera support is not looking very likely at the moment. I might be able to get just the URL, but I can't seem to get the page title. Still, just a url is better than nothing.

I'm working on addimg more browsers too. OmniWeb and iCab look pretty easy because they are Applescriptable. Of course, it has occurred to me that not everyone will want to install all the scripts, so the next release will probably have extra .adiumscripts to install them individually.

I'm also looking at making a meta-script that will figure out which browser you have running and just use it (or give you a select list if there's more than one). That might take a little longer.

Hope you enjoy it.