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# by fortyseventeen on 01/30/12 at 22:45:11


# by fortyseventeen on 02/10/07 at 22:49:22

Bright, contrasting colors are harsh on the eyes.

# by fortyseventeen on 12/13/06 at 22:59:40

P.S. you have my permission to use that screenshot to promote this Xtra if and when you change that color.

# by fortyseventeen on 12/13/06 at 22:58:22

Well, I've found a way to make it work, and look absolutely killer at the same time:

Contact bubbles and Orange contact list style with user icons and status text color cranked up to 90% saturation. The group header font is Turntablz BB, available for free from Blambot ( Looks killer with any of the freebebot desktops (, but works with anything, and the message style isn't bad with the handwritten Desyrel font (

The reason I like this contact list style is that it's the first I've seen to ditch status icons and use color in a more distinct and compelling way to show user status. The color scheme is so appealing that I can't stand to use any other. It just needs that tweak of the status text color, and it's gold. Until then, 4 ducks.

# by fortyseventeen on 12/13/06 at 22:56:49

One more test...