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# by tureturillo on 10/11/08 at 13:22:44

With version 2.0 every IM service should be supported (but not Bonjour), please contact me directly if you notice anything wrong. My e-mail address is in the ReadMe.

# by tureturillo on 02/09/08 at 17:10:37

PalPics doesn't download anything, it just extracts images from the cache files stored on your Mac. This means that, if those pictures don't belong to your contact list, then your copy of Adium has been used at least once to log into another account.

# by tureturillo on 11/23/07 at 05:47:51

OK, I catched a leopard!
And quickly I fixed the script.

# by tureturillo on 11/14/07 at 14:03:09

Yes, this is an idea for a brand new Xtra.
Personally, I sometimes backup the whole logs folder and then empty it. You might find this solution useful...

# by tureturillo on 10/29/07 at 09:34:27

OK, thanks for reporting. I have no leopards around, so I can't work on it now. As soon as I will upgrade, I'll fix it!