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# by djmori on 01/12/07 at 12:36:05

Thnks for the response... Great job, and I'll be waiting for future updates!

# by djmori on 01/12/07 at 11:54:10

This is just amazing! ... I belive it could become the most popular message style on this site...

Any chance you could add 48X48 and 96x96 icon versions for msn users?

# by djmori on 01/08/07 at 22:01:03

I just don't like how it looks with the jacket.. I think I'm going to start from the ground up

# by djmori on 09/02/06 at 19:11:41

It can be downloaded in
Remember to backup your /library/application support/adium 2.0/ folder before installing it.

# by djmori on 08/23/06 at 10:51:58

I noticed that sometimes the animation just stops... Its still connecting but ir does not move. Anyway you did a hell of a job.