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# by MercuryGlitch on 11/30/06 at 20:43:34

The white version works really well with the Cold OS X theme. Great work.

# by MercuryGlitch on 10/30/06 at 20:27:36

Nice, I agree with the above though, minimalization of this theme would be great. If you want a good example check GoneDark. Though I prefer your color theme, GD's general layout is nicer (IMO).

Would be nice to see a combo of those two.

The timestamp within the message is weird without the hour.

# by MercuryGlitch on 10/19/06 at 21:18:03

aww, I love those critters

# by MercuryGlitch on 09/27/06 at 21:25:48

Could you email me the edited main.css? I've tried removing all refs to Font and still have no control.