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# by Szilard on 11/03/07 at 20:52:12

I've actually had the black version for quite a while (sent personally to the above two requesters), but seeing as it's so popular, I've added as an optional download (see description) until I roll it into the standard download. Invisible is possible, but I'll wait until Leopard's 512x512 icons get supported before I think about making a new version. Adium current does not support dock icons with iTunes status. Thanks for supporting my icons!

# by Szilard on 08/14/07 at 14:45:08

Done! You just reminded me that iChat does have an away indicator which I didn't include in previous versions because Adium didn't support an away state. Again, taken directly from iChat.

# by Szilard on 08/14/07 at 12:42:19

It was temporally removed because of the lack of official menu bar support. Now that the feature's been added, it's back!

# by Szilard on 10/19/06 at 13:44:16

Quick modification for this (without rules aswell)

# by Szilard on 07/11/06 at 07:20:52

It's been done and finished for quite a while now, here's a link to it: