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# by metaphysical on 11/19/09 at 21:06:33

plzplzplz make a lighter bg scheme :)

# by metaphysical on 10/30/09 at 18:02:41

Awesome work here. I would love to see your PSD to see how you created some of the feather effects and shading. Is it just a lot of burning and dodging or are those shapes?

Some suggestions: you should probably pack it as a smaller resolution (128px I think?). Right now it's double (or triple) the size it should be and it's creating a strange effect in my dock with badges and whatnot.

Maybe with that smaller size you can up the contrast and color so that it looks more at home with other high contrast icons in the dock.

# by metaphysical on 10/29/09 at 20:58:38

Thanks for the kind words :]

# by metaphysical on 10/27/09 at 23:58:24

can you make a green one?

# by metaphysical on 10/16/09 at 18:03:00

The original is here:

This is just a ripoff.