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# by zazzakakashi on 03/13/08 at 16:19:19

Man, this is the coolest Message Style i havent seen in a while!!!!!
Yeah def fix the stretching things so the hour sticks togheter!! That'd be real cool ! I personally just L O V E it !Thanks!!

# by zazzakakashi on 01/20/08 at 14:36:32

This is the coolest dock icon i have seen in a while on here! very clean and simple. Awesome!

Have you thought about making a message style in the same type of style?? That would come out great !

# by zazzakakashi on 01/11/08 at 20:24:39

I love this message theme !! I been using it for a pretty long time now, but i had a suggestion.

I was using the new iChat on Leopard the other day and noticed that you could use a boxe chat view, that kinda looks like this theme, except the colors are sort of reversed and there is the icons on the left side.

I wish i knew how to create a theme to make it, but unfortunately i never managed to wrap my head around it.

So i was asking you if you would feel like making the iChat boxes one??? Pleaaaase!! Pretty pleasse!!!!!!!!!!!!

# by zazzakakashi on 12/22/07 at 12:18:42

Ohh aweosme!! Thanks!!!! I'll do that!

# by zazzakakashi on 12/20/07 at 16:32:24

I love these emoticons !!!!!! They are so funny and various!

But is it possible to use easier simpler word combinations to trigger the emoticons?? like the old regular :D ??

Thanks in advance it still rocks!