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# by zombihunter on 12/17/06 at 21:20:53

Also have status icons and message styles. Don't think I can do anything better than Wolfsoap's and lysistrata398's Dock Icons and mirror_ofthe_moon's Emoticons.

# by zombihunter on 12/17/06 at 21:18:33

Thanks for the heads up. Think I got them all working except for the File Transfer Canceled as I have posted above in the changes.

# by zombihunter on 12/15/06 at 07:18:04

Yeah but this one doesn't have the burnt edges which can cause some issues with reading text. Some people might not like the burnt edges. Would there be anyway to at least make this able for people to download if they don't like the other graphic style?

# by zombihunter on 12/13/06 at 11:04:44

Well considering when this one was approved and made active it would not allow people to download it. It would download So I had to rename everything and when I tried to re-upload it it wouldn't let me so I tried deleting and starting over.

# by zombihunter on 12/11/06 at 15:49:09

Right now the SoundSet and 1.1 and 2.0 (more like what enkuturi-akrias suggested) Message styles are pending approval. I'll post the links once they are approved on here.