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# by coerul on 09/26/12 at 14:50:17

What? I dont see what Pitbull Unit Frames has to do with this Xtra.

# by coerul on 04/17/10 at 13:38:33

I can't seem to find the Angel. It's not in the code, and the image isn't there. That's probably why it isn't working. xD

# by coerul on 04/17/10 at 13:36:28

I LOVE these. I love Pokemon, and pikachu is a perfect candidate for emotes.

# by coerul on 09/06/09 at 01:31:28

I agree that the profile pictures are too large for me to want to use this message style very much.
I think it would be great to have small, medium, and large variants to suit if you get around to it. :3

# by coerul on 09/06/09 at 01:28:33

I love these! Very cute and well-executed ducks!