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# by adamwpants on 01/15/11 at 13:58:01

Only two of those are veggies.

# by adamwpants on 07/24/09 at 00:00:25

Can you make variants with the profile pics scaled down by 50%?

# by adamwpants on 06/14/09 at 03:58:30

No worries. I totally understand the exam business. Personally I like how it has a small mirrored avatar in "no avatars" mode... I just wish my own avatar would show up. I love what you've done so far, so I'm looking forward to your next update.

# by adamwpants on 06/14/09 at 00:26:08

I am using the "No Avatars" style, and it looks great. Three problems though:
1) With the "Avatars" variant, why are there massive avatars that take up half the message window?
2) With the "No Avatars" variant, why are there avatars?
3) Why does my image show up as a broken image icon?

# by adamwpants on 04/30/09 at 16:28:41

I'd like to suggest two changes. In the plist, set Overlay to FALSE for Alert and Connecting. WIth overlay on, the animation appears in a small corner as opposed to animating the dock icon.