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# by thesilverfox06 on 12/13/11 at 15:01:48

I'm sorry that you hate me for posting this sound set more than seven years ago, based on a different game than World of Warcraft (to which I assume you are referring), and before World of Warcraft was even released.

# by thesilverfox06 on 12/22/05 at 08:53:30

I am willing to consider constructive input on how to make these better.

# by thesilverfox06 on 11/29/05 at 21:21:40

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to say no. Not because I wouldn't like it, but because obtaining all of the sounds from StarCraft is not as easy (since WC's editor has the sounds ready to export).

# by thesilverfox06 on 07/17/05 at 10:24:28

Great style! Just one bug that I've found: If a person's alias is only 2 letters (my alias is just "Me"), the letters appear on different lines, i.e. the "M" will be on the first line, and the "e" will be on the second line. Other than that, this style is awesome.

# by thesilverfox06 on 07/12/05 at 13:51:33

Really? That sure looks like a comment to me. I submitted this in case there was somebody else who just happens to like it. If you don't like it, don't download it. Simple as that.