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# by wootowl on 09/24/06 at 13:34:40

Awesome style, One comment though that I think will make it look 10X better:

Make the colors for each person (green/blue standard) be transparent.

As in, it displays the 2 people's names and underneath the name has a line (and then another line at the bottom of the message) .. make those names and those lines semi-transparent.

It would make the style 10X more awesome than it already is

# by wootowl on 07/31/06 at 15:31:42

Awesome message style..

One thing: If this could be made into a contact list style I would be very happy.

Currently I am using a contact list style that I customized, it looks similar to this message style but doesn't have the cool looking background and the glow around the text, if it had those my adium would look sweet