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# by zipper on 01/28/09 at 08:31:49

Each person using the emoticons has to have the Set installed. When you send an emoticon to someone you are only sending that symbol to them, not the actual image. The computer program they use for chatting sees that symbol, and depending on if it has an emoticon for, and recognizes that symbol, it replaces it with an image. It makes these hard to use unless the people you are chatting with also use adium and have these installed.

Hope that makes sense.

# by zipper on 03/15/08 at 10:40:28

It is slightly hard to explain, but the best way to figure it out would be to download a set, and open it up by right clicking and hitting "show package contents", inside there should be the image files for the emoticons, and a .plist file that tells adium what triggers go with what emoticon.

# by zipper on 03/06/08 at 11:44:12

Awesome job!

# by zipper on 10/30/07 at 21:09:43

That is good to know, never thought about doing that. Especially if you want a transparent background, and no window bars on the edges.

# by zipper on 10/22/07 at 13:56:52

This is amazing, one of the best message styles I have ever seen! Some other colors would be nice, especially a white, or light gray one. Still, amazing, and extremely usable. I like the touch of having statues icons inside the message, works well, and is something I have never seen before.