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# by arkaycee on 02/03/07 at 11:38:20

Oh, and answering my own question, I unzipped the .zip file, went into the directory, edited Emoticons.plist (a text file), and searched for "Loser". A few lines *above* the word "Loser" I deleted two lines under Equivalents for L)

Then I installed the pack and no more L) or l) as "Loser"!

Now I'm ecstatic with it!

# by arkaycee on 02/03/07 at 11:26:07

oops meant "I have to agree with massaint..." sorry.

# by arkaycee on 02/03/07 at 11:24:35

I have to agree with mshake176 (just came out here to post the same thing)... anything ending with an "L" in parentheses -- like "(as usual)" makes the loser smiley, which is a bit hard to read past, and I don't end up using that one very much really so it doesn't make typing easier.

Is there some way to disable it (at least in my copy)?