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# by ikirudennis on 09/27/07 at 22:57:37

Sorry, just type %_bm I'll add that to the description above. For future reference, you can also find the code by going to Edit>Insert Script>"Script Name" [in this case, "blackmetal (%_bm)"]

# by ikirudennis on 07/23/07 at 18:09:10

I like this xtra, but would like it more if the center of the bubble was transparent instead of white. it just looks odd to me white. If you don't want to change the xtra yourself, do you have original files that I could tweak myself?

# by ikirudennis on 07/31/06 at 21:12:17

if you can give me some good examples, i'll be happy to add them to the list of structures. i could also try to post some more of the structures i copied if you like.