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# by Huevoos on 06/20/12 at 17:22:48

I didn't realize that the background image wasn't uploaded along with the style.

Thanks, I'll try to fix it.

To get it to hide there's an option in Preferences > Advnaced > Contact List > Automatically Hide: On screen edges

To resize the window to full height I first set it to regular window, hid the toolbar, resized it to full size like any other window and the changed to borderless window.

Hope I could help.

# by Huevoos on 09/01/09 at 04:18:08

This are not "custom emoticons" as in the MSN meaning you're the only one that can see these emoticons.

# by Huevoos on 06/22/07 at 12:44:24

Thanks, I've just been too busy, but when I have some free time I'll begin with the animated version.
One person's request is enough for me ;)
Sorry for the late reply

# by Huevoos on 06/22/07 at 12:42:20

As a status Icon it would be too small to notice any detail, I'll make one and if I like it I'll upload it.

# by Huevoos on 11/06/06 at 22:40:34

Thank you all for trying it and for your comments.
Do you have any suggestions for next version???