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# by mollyemo on 07/11/06 at 17:21:58

Oh! I missed that somehow.

Sweet, thanks!

# by mollyemo on 07/10/06 at 18:19:06

I'm anxiously awaiting the iBook (12" for me) along with Carlos. Thanks for responding so well to all the recommendations!

# by mollyemo on 07/10/06 at 18:11:16

Could I make a recommendation for the next version? I think it would be really cool if your icon was slanted like the rest of the Litho icons.

Re the P.S. below: Yeah, I saw the icon in Vol. -- I think it was 3, definitely not 4 -- and I stuck with yours for exactly the reasons you mentioned. :-)

# by mollyemo on 07/07/06 at 08:13:34

Yes, where can we get the other icons like this?