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# by Wolfsoap on 08/19/07 at 17:23:17

thats brilliant, well done.

# by Wolfsoap on 05/19/07 at 06:19:16

It's just a replacement icon for Azureus.

# by Wolfsoap on 04/24/07 at 19:31:16

About the green, the average colour of Adium is the almost the same as Adobe Captivate. So it would just be a Captivate icon with Ad instead of Cp. But whats worse is it clashes something awful with Dreamwaver.

Adium is a 'common' Mac program, this naturally means blue or gray (finder, itunes, pages, preferences, dashcode, textedit, mail etc). And blue was taken for Photoshop so I settled on grey.

# by Wolfsoap on 04/23/07 at 21:03:30

sorry again, i got the worng one, please delete these.

# by Wolfsoap on 04/23/07 at 21:03:12

Your icon has no variance. From my professional designers point of view, your icon has many negative aspects.

1) Incorrect casing. The CS3 icons use a uppercase followed by a lower case. For example, 'Ai' for Illustrator and 'Fl' for Flash.

2) There is no variance in state. This style (my style) has animated signing in, and many different icons for each state. 'Id' for idle and 'Zz' for sleep. Thats really cool.

3) The gradient isn't radial like yours, its perpendicular linear. That means three corners are the same color and one is not. So your gradient is incorrect. Unlike this style.

4) You use the incorrect font (and case as stated above.)

5) The CS3 icons are height aligned rectangular. Your icon is square, therefore does not universally fit in with any of the current CS3 icons.

6) Your letters are not aligned to the center, they are far to far to the left.

7) The CS3 icons have a slightly higher kerning on the font.

8) The continuity of the hue on your icon is not maintained.

In sure in time your icon will slowly resemble this one (mine). With various changes in state.

I hope you take this criticism positively and change your icon accordingly.