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# by dmz on 10/30/11 at 10:16:14

This Xtra no longer works as of Adium 1.5 beta - at least, not on 64-bit Intel. Any chance of a new, universal build?

# by dmz on 09/01/08 at 12:12:59

Actually, while "Continent != Time Zone", "Region/City == Time Zone". Unlike +/- GMT/UDT specifiers, using something like "America/Los_Angeles" or "America/Phoenix" includes all the daylight saving time rules in addition to the actual time zone offset.

However, what he's done by including lots and lots of cities is not a great thing, because it's created zones that don't _really_ exist in official time zone definitions (much like changing "America" to "North America"/"South America". Given that, including +/- GMT would probably make sense... but it'd be much better to just let time zones be chosen the same way that Apple's "Date and Time" preference pane does, by picking them on a map. I wonder if that control (from "Date and Time" is reusable in some way...

# by dmz on 05/29/06 at 02:47:15

This works very, very nicely (I unpacked the jar, added my extra Proteus services, recompiled, and ran)... except for one thing - it doesn't properly deal with Unicode characters (like Chinese) in Proteus' logs. I haven't taken a look at the code, so I don't know exactly how to address this, sadly.