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# by mirror_ofthe_moon on 07/29/06 at 09:35:16

I've fixed the Adium crashing thing, it was something in the .plist file. All better! :D

# by mirror_ofthe_moon on 07/29/06 at 06:46:53

Now that I've seen it, I'm disabling it instead.

# by mirror_ofthe_moon on 07/29/06 at 06:46:18

I'm getting this, too, funny enough. I have NO idea how/why it happens.... I'll put it in the "changes", though, to save everyone else... If anyone has any idea tell me!

# by mirror_ofthe_moon on 07/01/06 at 09:06:59

What size were you thinking of? They're currently 25x29, and I've found that even 20x23 you lose details. Also, some of them have small motion that was not included in this version; how many of you would you be interested in moving emoticons? (Ex. Eyes move in 'Shifty', hand moves in 'Unsure') It's either motion or smaller, though, the motions are all blurry at 20x23, and I'm assuming you want something like 16x18. From a clarity standpoint, it doesn't make sense to make them any smaller, and I know some people find motion irritating. :-/ The vote is on!

# by mirror_ofthe_moon on 06/25/06 at 08:15:56

Well, I think the obvious thing to do (if not a bit tedious) would be to make all the smilies transparent, then re-make the set with Emotimaker. If you saved it as a .smileypack, it would be a whole lot easier, just click the edit button when the program opens. If you've just got the Adium bundle, then right click>show package contents, then replace the images with the new transparent ones. Worst comes to worst, you start from scratch again with the new images. :-/