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# by Tw1x on 11/16/04 at 11:24:24

Heh, message styles are a bit more complex. You can't just change the color most of the time. You need to know CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. I went to change the ProLCD Message Theme into a blue message theme, but realized there was way more work there than I thought. I'm not experienced in message styles, though I did have a start on one that was looking pretty nice! If you're experienced with HTML, CSS shouldn't be much of a problem to learn. You can learn it as you make your own theme. There's a thread on how to do it in the forum. Check it out. (Good luck.)

# by Tw1x on 11/08/04 at 11:03:52

Okay. I got it to work on my computer again. You need to right-click on the original ProLCD.AdiumMessageStyle file and select "Show Package Contents". Notice there is *another* file in there named the same. THAT'S the actual message theme. Move it onto the Desktop. Before actually opening it, go to "your user/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Message Styles" and remove any old copy of it if it's in there from you trying to install it. Now you can either double-click the real file we just removed from the package, or drag it in the .../.../.../Message Styles folder. If you do the latter I think you have to relaunch Adium, I'm not sure.

It didn't show up for me, so I tried deleting a theme I'd never use, then it worked fine. Hope that helps!

# by Tw1x on 11/08/04 at 10:51:10

Alright, yeah, something is up with the ProLCD Message Theme that I included. I got the file from in which the theme was included. After opening it myself it hasn't worked like everyone has said, which is definitely weird since I had gotten it to work before and then stopped using it and deleted it. So I'll try me best to fix the problem.

# by Tw1x on 11/04/04 at 21:22:00

Thanks guys. Ders, which theme were you referring to? PurePlastics? :S If so, I'm not sure, it worked for me right off the bat...

# by Tw1x on 11/02/04 at 14:03:23

Please take one teeny-tiny second and click on a rating. If you are a huge fan of the ProLCD theme for Mac OS X and think that my contact list theme matches well, please rate it appropriately. Thank you!